One Very Important Link Between Your Eyes and Teeth?

Did you know that teeth are one of the very first things people notice in a potential partner? Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so make sure to visit your dentist and optometrist because keep in mind…

Healthy eyes and clear vision are needed to see someone’s teeth.

“Eat your carrots! They’re good for your eyes!” Parents and grandparents around the world use these words to try and encourage children to eat their vegetables. But carrots really can be good for your eyesight.

While they can’t restore vision loss or make structural changes to the eye, carrots are good for vision health since they’re rich in vitamin A (deficiencies of which can lead to blindness, cataracts, and macular degeneration) and the antioxidant lutein. Carrots are also good for your teeth, acting as a natural abrasive to eliminate plaque, stimulate saliva production, and kill germs in your mouth.

smile teeth and eyes.gif

Deterioration in vision not only comes from age or illness, it can also be exacerbated by tooth decay, gum disease, and mercury fillings. The incidence of age-related eye diseases are expected to increase from 28 million to 43 million by the year 2020, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. And the health of your teeth and gums will impact where you fit on that spectrum.

Another thing people will notice right away about someone who wears glasses besides teeth are their eyes. For this reason, it’s so important that your eye wear tells people something about you….

Are you conservative, stylish, down-to-Earth, trendy, retro? Or all of the above?

Whatever your personal style, the team at Sunshine Optometry will find the eye wear that tells the story of you. With unique lines from the USA, France, and Italy that you won’t see everywhere else, we’ve got a frame for you. Tell us a little about you and your lifestyle, and our knowledgeable and experienced opticians will fit you with eye wear that you can see beautifully with and be proud to wear.

We wish to partner with you to help you find something that fits with your life and budget, and have you leave knowing that you are seeing and looking your best! No one wants red or tired looking eyes, and glasses should be comfortable as well as improve your self confidence.