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At Sunshine Optometry, we want our patients to look and feel great with leading quality brands that match their lifestyle and personality. Unique and comfortable eye wear allows you to put your best face forward. Whether meeting someone for the first time or wanting a change, your glasses can help! Our opticians tirelessly review and custom curate our selection of frames and lenses to ensure our selection is always fresh and new. 


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We pride ourselves in offering the most recent advances in lens technology. Our team has extensive knowledge in the various lens designs, materials, and treatments. We analyze your prescription and lifestyle needs to better recommend the ideal solution. Since we are independently owned and operated, we are able to offer some specialty lens materials and designs that are not available at other optical retailers.

Single Vision Lenses
While single vision lenses are the most common, there are a wide variety of options available within this category such as premium anti-reflective coatings, ultra violet protection, photo-chromatic lenses, and polarized sun lenses.

Progressive Lenses
We specialize in progressive lens fittings for patients that require correction for distance, intermediate, and near vision. Our team can show you why one lens design does not work for every patient and situation. Sunshine Optometry offers cutting-edge digital progressive lenses which deliver superior vision and comfort.

Anti-Glare Coatings
Over 95% of all patients prefer lenses with an anti-glare coating which also reduces dust, fingerprints, scratches, and moisture. Less reflected light means better vision for the wearer, and these coatings are available on all lens designs.